(2012) ★★★★

Channel 4: PREMIERE Saturday 25 July, 9pm

Anna Kendrick clashes on campus with Anna Camp, leader of the Barden Bellas, the laughing stock of a cappella in the the bitchy, back-biting world of collegiate harmony singing groups. Bring it on! “Organised nerd singing – makes sense,” says Anna’s on-off boyfriend Skylar Astin, who signs on with The Treblemakers. With Best in Show-style commentary from John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks, and a script that’s amusing about sex without resorting to shock tactics, this is the best musical teen comedy since the sadly undervalued Bandslam. In a terrific ensemble cast, Rebel Wilson stands out as Fat Amy. She calls herself that “so twig bitches like yourselves don’t do it behind my back.” Funnier than Fame, less gooey than Glee, and even that old Proclaimers song 500 Miles is still going strong. Which is a bit weird since it popped up in Bachelorette, too, another Rebel Wilson comedy. Does she have it as a clause in her contract?

Certificate: 12

Duration: 112min

IMDB – Pitch Perfect

TMDB – Pitch Perfect

Rotten Tomatoes – Pitch Perfect