The Change-Up



Channel 4: Sunday 26 July, 11pm

Family man Jason Bateman – seriously, Jason Bateman as a family man? – magically body swaps with best-friend-since-grade-school Ryan Reynolds, slipping back to foul-mouthed Van Wilder frat-boy mode as a dope-smoking slacker. High-calibre cast – golden oldie Alan Arkin, House regular Olivia Wilde, and the lovely Leslie Mann (aka Mrs Judd Apatow) – for a low-blow comedy that sets its stall out from the start with a double dose of dirty diaper jokes. And there’s plenty more projectile pooping and porno gags to come in a punishingly protracted Freaky Friday Farce/Off from the guys who wrote The Hangover. Or vice versa. Is this obsession with toilet activities some kind of metaphor for Hollywood? Or just lousy writing? It’s true that none of the characters acts in a believable way but that’s not the problem. They’re not funny. For a comedy, that’s a serious issue. Intolerable, in fact, in one this long. Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin also produced Mr Woodcock and Fred Claus, so judge for yourselves.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 113min

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