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For our former customs officer-turned-undercover-UNIT operative Ash, tracking down the drugs ring has been one heck of a learning curve.

Now they’ve finally worked out Roach’s identity, they have to find out a way to stop the massive shipment of drugs he has ordered.

The Interceptor

Meanwhile, Roach (Trevor Eve) has his own problems within his organisation, and a few people’s brains could end up as abstract art.

But he pulls one last trick out of the bag and it’s a tragedy for UNIT. Ash, though, now has lost just about everything – which leaves him more dangerous and effective.

Can he manage to turn the disaster around, save UNIT’s face and bring down the drugs kingpin?

The Interceptor

The Interceptor


First shown on BBC1, 9pm, Wednesday 29th July. Available until Friday 28th August.