Glory Road


(2006) ★★★

Sky Movies Disney: Thursday 30 July, 10.45pm

“Looks like the dang Tuskegee Institute out there,” moans a voice in the crowd. “Since when did we become a coloured school?” Ah, Texas in the mid-60s, a time when America was openly racist. College basketball coach Josh Lucas has upset the El Paso locals by recruiting and fielding black players. “I don’t see colour,” reasons Lucas. “I see quick and I see skill.” Even a sensational 17-game winning streak doesn’t cut any slack with the racists. In the face of such shameful ignorance and prejudice, it’s hard to care about the hoop dreams. And, truth be told, in common with most US sports movies, the games are the least interesting aspect. As a social history time capsule, though, it’s fascinating and occasionally touching. Like Remember the Titans, it’s about a whole lot more than sport. It’s about the real glory days – before sponsors and agents, bling and Ballers… As the disreputable coach of the University of Kentucky (a man by the wonderfully apt name of Adolph Rupp), Ali Oscar-winner Jon Voight gives his Howard Cosell nose a run-out again.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 118min

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