(2006) ★★

ITV1: Friday 31 July, 10.40pm

After being bopped on the bonce with a baseball bat, LA hitman Jason Statham is injected with poison and wakes to find an abusive instructional video message. He’s got about an hour to find the antidote. Charging through Los Angeles like a bulldog in a cattery, Statham learns that the only way to stop the lethal Beijing cocktail from killing him quickly is to keep the flow of adrenaline pumping. He stops, he dies. Everything’s cranked up in this dizzy thriller, volume and visuals – split screens, CCTV footage, variable film stocks, abstract close-ups, freeze frames and frenzied editing. That pounding in your ears? It’s his heart. This is DOA done up like Run Lola Run and the tone is callous, like a screwy comedy. A reckless, reactionary movie, done and dusted in a flash.

Certificate: 18
Duration: 84min

IMDB – Crank

TMDB – Crank

Rotten Tomatoes – Crank