Bollywood Queen


(2002) ★½

Film4: PREMIERE Saturday 1 August, 11am

Welcome to the exotic East… End of London. James McAvoy is the fresh-faced bumpkin up from Somerset, his head turned by a beautiful girl. That’s Preeya Kalidas (the star of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End musical Bombay Dreams), who’s in possession of a moonstone. Which’ll come in handy when Venus and Mars – the planets of romance and adventure – enter her astrological arena. Their mutual attraction is instant – they levitate at first sight. Soon enough they’ll be skipping around Trafalgar Square, destined for each other, though their families disapprove. She’s a college girl with a part-time job in a sari shop and over-protective brothers. Caught between two cultures, wanting to be a dutiful daughter and to lead her own life. He’s working for his brother’s clothing company. Rag trade rivals in a Romeo and Juliet romance that finds lyricism in London’s ‘strange and mystical’ rain. The songs include Like a Dumb Bollywood Queen. Goodness gracious me.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 86min

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