This Means War



Channel 4: Saturday 1 August, 11pm

Cocky covert CIA operatives Chris Pine and Tom Hardy fight over their mutual affection for consumer product tester Reese Witherspoon. Kind of ironic that big bundles of money are thrown at such a trashy story where life and love is as cheap as the laughs, which are so low-grade as to be virtually non-existent. With little feeling for comedy, director McG has plenty of previous – the Charlie’s Angels flicks, the Terminator Salvation flop – in the clumsy action stakes. Utterly soulless studio product, it’s all about as believable as Arnie’s True Lies and as romantic as Brangelina’s Mr & Mrs Smith. And somehow even worse. Filmed in 2010 in Vancouver, Fox copyrighted it in 2012, apparently intending a delayed 3D release. It certainly looks dumb enough.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 98min

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