The Chronicles of Riddick


(2004) ★★

ITV1: Friday 7 August, 10.40pm

Fugitive Vin Diesel invites bounty hunters to eat his dust as he graduates from Pitch Black’s monster-slayer to a man destined to save worlds from guys even badder than him. That would be the Necromongers, on a galaxy wide convert-or-kill mission. This is sci-fi from the dark side of the moon, full of savage action, massive destruction and hellish settings. It’s colourful as a cage of baboons, and twice as chaotic – there’s enough plotholes for 15 adventures. Hence the title, I guess – this is intended to be Riddick’s greatest hits. But maybe he was always meant to be a one hit wonder. As it is, Riddick’s capacity for evasion and escape makes The Fugitive look like a one-legged man. And what would be the odds of Dame Judi Dench showing up in a Necromongus action flick like this? Oh, about the same as Sir Alec Guinness appearing in Star Wars. Director David Twohy is better than this: he made Pitch Black, of course, but also Grand Tour, The Arrival, and A Perfect Getaway.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 119min

IMDB – Killer Joe

TMDB – Killer Joe

Rotten Tomatoes – Killer Joe