(2010) ★½

Channel 5: Sunday 9 August, 9pm

LA cop Matt Dillon is determined to nail a high-profile heist outfit run by Idris Elba. These guys think they’re so smooth – would-be Reservoir Dogs dressed up in Armani togs – but only Dillon and Elba (and the scuzzy Russians) look like they belong in a crime movie. The rest are Brat Pack posers and, for all the pretty-boy faces on show, virtually personality-free. Any comparisons to Michael Mann’s Heat would be like equating Young Guns with The Wild Bunch. Like Dillon’s Armored, it doesn’t amount to much more than a slickly handled B-picture. And the use of sentimental music in the climactic shoot-out is a gross error of judgment. Greedy thieves are taking each other out, and we’re supposed to feel pity? Funny, but there’s no sad music when the cops are being shot at.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 107min

IMDB – Takers

TMDB – Takers

Rotten Tomatoes – Takers