The Lookout


(2007) ★★★★

BBC1: Sunday 9 August, 11.40pm

Since surviving the car crash that killed his friends, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has ‘sequencing’ issues – he’s forgetful and easily confused. He calls tomatoes lemons and knows that it’s wrong. He just wants to be who he once was. A promising athlete with a girl on his arm and the world at his feet. But he’s the overnight janitor at a small-town bank in a Kansas farming community. Which is where he’s approached by sleazy charmer Matthew Goode about an inside job… There’s something inherently likeable about Goode, which means he’s always good value as a baddie. In fact, all the performances are terrific in a downbeat crime drama that has unhappy ending written all over it. Jeff Daniels is completely convincing as Gordon-Levitt’s mentor-like flatmate, a good-hearted blind man who dreams of opening his own diner. Sergio Di Zio, too, beautifully suits his role as Ted the night patrol cop, sneeringly dismissed as Deputy Doughnut by Goode’s gang members. Significantly, Gordon-Levitt dials back his character’s shortcomings to great effect; the guy’s a little distracted, he’s not a simpleton. Ultimately, Out of Sight screenwriter Scott Frank’s directorial debut is good enough to stand comparison with Sam Raimi’s A Simple Plan and with Robert Wise’s 1959 small-town heist pic, Odds Against Tomorrow (which it more closely resembles). Frank has since followed it up with the rather nastier Liam Neeson thriller, A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 99min

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