The Losers


(2010) ★★

Channel 5: Sunday 9 August, 11pm

Watchmen’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan leads the Losers – Chris Evans (the American one) and token Takers Brit Idris Elba among the renegade Special Forces unit – on a search and destroy mission in Bolivia, where they’re left for dead. Perennially a loser when it comes to script choices, the lovely, luckless Zoe Saldana is a sultry femme working to her own agenda. Low-IQ B-pic comic-book action, ripped off from Nick Nolte’s brutal Texas Ranger movie Extreme Prejudice, director Walter Hill’s doff of the cap to Sam Peckinpah. The Losers is more A-Team than Expendables, a bit less than either. So basically it’s Tropic Thunder minus the gags but with big explosions and a steaming pile of clichés on the side. Killing is a joke in this picture, but at least most of it happens off screen. The direction – fidgety, up-close stuff more suited to TV – isn’t much help. It’s also clear to see which way Morgan’s screen career is headed… the same way Michael Madsen’s went.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 97min

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