Black Snake Moan



Sky Movies Select: Wednesday 12 August, 10pm

Gold-toothed bluesman Samuel L. Jackson attempts to save the soul of town tramp Christina Ricci by serenading her while she’s chained to a radiator in her undies. Like an Ali G of southern-fried film-making, Hustle & Flow man Craig Brewer continues to gaze admiringly at the trappings of black manhood in a camp jaw-dropper (trust me – that doesn’t mean it’s any good) that would give Tennessee Williams pause. The title comes from a song by 1920s bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson. Everything else is as inauthentic as Hustle & Flow’s Oscar-winning theme song, It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp. It reminded me a lot of Martin Mull’s dismissive spoof of white middle-class bluesmen: “Woke up this afternoon, saw both cars had gone…  I got so angry, I threw my drink across the lawn.” And let’s not forget the great Bonzo Dog band: “Can blue men sing the whites… or are they hippo-crites?”

Certificate: 15

Duration: 111min

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