The Incredible Hulk


(2008) ★★★

ITV1: Sunday 15 August, 3.25pm

Edward Norton as geneticist Bruce Banner, hiding out in the teeming tenements of a Brazilian city while seeking a cure for his condition: not-so-jolly green giantism. Five years after Eric Bana’s embarrassing Hulk (ITV2, Sunday 23 August at 6.20pm), Marvel went back to basics. Even the proper title is back. Because, if nothing else, the Hulk is certainly Incredible. I mean, literally. But these guys – Transporter man Louis Leterrier and his writer, Zak Penn (no relation his namesake, the actor Kal) – have done a bang-up job in bringing the ropey old Jekyll & Hyde/King Kong concept to screen. It moves briskly and, although it’s taken seriously, it’s never solemn like Ang Lee’s flop. And it helps to have an actor as ambiguous and obviously as committed as Edward Norton as your star. He has a worthy opponent in Tim Roth’s despicable Russian agent Emil Blonsky, a character so deplorable they call him Abomination. As for William Hurt (in Nick Nolte’s hurt general role), he acts mildly disappointed – like he’s in Altered States 2 and they gave his part to some other guy. So, the Hulk reboot. Maybe not incredible. But certainly good enough.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 112min

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