(2010) ★★★

Five: Sunday 16 August, 11.5pm

Reluctantly accompanying her parents on a French Riviera holiday after being unceromiously dumped, Katherine Heigl perks up when she meets dashing Ashton Kutcher. He says he’s a company consultant, neglecting to mention that the Company is the CIA. And that there’s a $20million bounty on his head. The critics dumped on this action comedy, but its silly suburban Smokin’ Aces plot and relaxed retro atmosphere made me smile. With inventively choreographed slapstick, some of it verging on the spectacular, and its colourful array of supporting characters, it’s much more fun than both Arnie’s True Lies and Brangelina’s Mr & Mrs Smith.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 100min

IMDB – Killers

TMDB – Killers

Rotten Tomatoes – Killers