New Town Killers



BBC1: Sunday 16 August, 11.30pm

Bent Edinburgh financiers Dougray Scott and Alastair Mackenzie get their kicks playing Hard Target games with specially selected prey – Leith tenement teens desperate for quick cash fixes. Young James Anthony Pearson doesn’t fancy being a rent boy like his pal but, wouldn’t you know it, his pregnant junkie big sister Liz White owes eight grand to loan sharks. Richard Jobson, who wrote this laughably contrived goose chase, directs it with the laboured panache of an old episode of The Persuaders. An obvious if inept perversion of David Fincher’s The Game, it also manages to make Michael Caine’s hysterically melodramatic sink-estate thriller Harry Brown look like an award-winning urban documentary.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 96min

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