A Mighty Heart


(2007) ★★★

Channel: Monday 17 August, 5.35pm

Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl, five-months pregnant while forlornly awaiting news of husband Daniel (Dan Futterman), abducted by Islamic militants in Karachi, Pakistan. Their reasoning is simple: Daniel Pearl’s an American journalist, so he’s CIA. And he’s Jewish, so he’s with Mossad too. Reminiscent of Jack Lemmon’s true-life 1982 award-winner Missing, this is good, grown-up, unshowy drama, remarkably restrained until, regrettably, Ms Jolie is misguidedly allowed her all-stops-out ‘Oscar’ shot near the end. It’s not required. We can see plainly for ourselves that she’s been through hell. Better to have left it with Jolie’s earlier reaction to media idiocy and insensitivity. “You wouldn’t know her husband’s been kidnapped for six days,” remarks a TV studio bimbo as Jolie leaves the building. Because, you know, everyone reacts the same way to everything.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 108min

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