What Lies Beneath


(2000) ★★★★

Sky Movies Greats: Wednesday 19 August, 8.00pm

From a window in her rambling mansion in Vermont, Michelle Pfeiffer spies suspicious deeds at the neighbouring house. Workaholic husband Harrison Ford dismisses Pfeiffer’s fears for the safety of the woman next door as a nervous reaction to their teenage daughter leaving home for college. As it happens, Pfeiffer is right to be nervous – but for the wrong reasons. With its spooky bathroom apparitions and scary binocular voyeurism, Robert Zemeckis’ gleaming psycho-melodrama risks recognition of themes lifted wholesale from the 1950s classics Les Diaboliques and Rear Window. But this seductively dreamlike, carefully constructed exercise in suspense is sturdy enough to stand alone as a fine piece of film-making, patiently following Pfeiffer’s disturbed point of view as it builds to a pitch of hysteria. It gains immeasurably from Pfeiffer’s sympathetic portrayal of confused vulnerability. How Hitchcock would have relished working with this glacial screen beauty. Even though Hitch would not have countenanced supernatural elements in his stories, the looming shadow of the Master is invoked in the film’s meticulously controlled camera movement and by Alan Silvestri’s superb score, which openly echoes the romantic grandeur of Bernard Herrmann’s work.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 125min

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