(2014) ★½

Sky Atlantic: PREMIERE Thursday 20 August, 9pm

With his mother’s corpse attracting flies in the bedroom, disturbed war veteran David Oyelowo addresses his laptop all night long in a ranting blog-ologue derived from a stage play. Imagine how much more wearing William Friedkin’s Bug could’ve been were it a Michael Shannon soliloquy. This is worse. It’s like listening to Norman Bates on the phone, preceded by Travis Bickle rehearsals in the vanity mirror. “We’ll hit the road like Thelma and Louise,” he says to the married serviceman he’s been stalking. A not-so subtle indication, perhaps, not that Oyelowo’s seriously deluded character is gay but that this is a Plan B production. Brad Pitt’s company. The actor who first made his mark in Thelma and Louise.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 89min

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