(500) Days of Summer


(2009) ★★

Film4: Friday 21 August, 7.10pm

Greeting card copy writer Joseph Gordon-Levitt falls for Zooey Deschanel the day she joins the office in LA as Clark Gregg’s assistant. She is the One. Eighteen months in the company of these young lovers does seem a day too long in a winsome indie romance as tweely affected as its parenthetical title (which gets worse: her name is Summer). There’s a smugly wry narrator (“There’s only two types of people in the world – men and women…”) and the story is told out sequence. Clever, this. Because if it had gone straight from A to B, everyone would have sooner tumbled just how negligible it is. Rapturously received in America where, inexplicably, it was frequently compared to Annie Hall. This seems (5 Miles) Wide of the Mark. Woody Allen’s classic comedy used cultural references as jokes, to comment on the characters. In this simpering picture, they’re stated and displayed like badges of merit; sometimes blatant rip-offs (like the Ferris Bueller dance sequence or the unfunny Euro-cine parodies), but mostly the kind of presumed hipness that’s listed in a Nick Hornby book. The biggest difference is that Annie Hall was funny and Summer is cute. It’s maudlin, too. And Woody Allen can be accused of many things, but maudlin isn’t on his radar.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 95min

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