Piranha 3DD



Film4: PREMIERE Friday 21 August, 11.05pm

The events at Lake Victoria were just an appetizer for the killer fish heading for David Koechner’s water park in Merkin, Arizona. He’s replaced the lifeguards with strippers. “Water-certified strippers,” he assures marine biologist Danielle Panabaker. The bimbos and bozos on show here are so much walking sushi in a sloppy sequel that easily out-sleazes the 2010 movie. Comedy is restricted to David Hasselhoff playing David Hasselhoff. Director John Gulager made the grisly Feast trilogy. This would be the famine. File under Syfy’s Piranhaconda. Or shove on to a double-bill bunk-up with Lesbian Vampire Killers (BBC1, Friday at 11.35pm), in which TV sketch show jokers James Corden and Mathew Horne are waylaid by the daughters of eternal darkness. Stuffed to bursting with vampire totty and slapstick gore, filmed in the cartoony style of Van Helsing (the CGI movie not the dignified Peter Cushing character). And Corden is the most obnoxious ‘comic relief’ in a horror flick since that oaf in Cabin Fever.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 79min

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