Esther comes round but panics, not knowing where she is. Meanwhile, Dylan has spent the night in The Dog car park and overhears the news before rushing home to tell Trevor.

Channel 4, 6.30pm

‘GothBoy98’ sends an audio message from the webcam at Grace and Trevor’s flat which has been edited to make is sound as if Trevor doesn’t want Dylan. Who is behind it all?


Dylan is enraged by the message and plants drugs at The Loft before calling the police to drop his dad in it. However, he’s left feeling guilty when Trevor presents him with the papers to legally change his name, especially when the police arrive.


Grace and Trevor go to the hospital but Grace is left worried when Esther asks to hold her baby.
Elsewhere, Patrick is back to his old ways in an attempt to push Maxine away but will it work? And Cameron asks Celine about taking their relationship to the next level.