Lesson of the Evil


(2012) ★★

Film4: PREMIERE Saturday 22 August, 11.40pm

Blandly handsome Hideaki Ito is the big highschool’s popular new teacher Mr Hasumi – actually a serial killer hooked on Norse mythology who reacts badly to cheating, bullying and any lurking suspicions among the student body. The notoriously erratic Takashi Miike – whose prolific output ranges from the sublime (Audition and 13 Assassins) to the ridiculous (Happiness of the Katakuris) and downright asinine (Ace Attorney and Sukiyaki Western Django) – indulges to no sensible purpose the graphic side of Yusuke Kishi’s source comic book with a mind-numbing collection of gore-flecked deaths (all accompanied by various versions of Mack the Knife). The really scaring thing? A ‘To Be Continued’ ending.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 122min

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