(2013) ★★

Five: PREMIERE Sunday 23 August, 9pm

Construction boss Dwayne Johnson agrees to work undercover for the DEA to help his estranged teenage son who’s facing a mandatory prison term for receiving a box load of ecstasy in a drug deal. Oh, gee, and it was his first offence. ‘Inspired by true events’ claims an ostentatious opening title. Most fiction is. And a lot of it’s mediocre. Like this hackneyed family drama cum drug cartel action flick. Susan Sarandon is the deal-making DA who actually says ‘Rock and roll’ out loud. The director, veteran stuntman Ric Roman Waugh, opts for herky-jerky hand-held in the chase scenes, the music suggests Johnson’s boy is some kind of victim. Hey, this picture runs nearly two hours – we’re the victims, man. Is it snitching to suggest taking time off for good behaviour?

Certificate: 12

Duration: 112min

IMDB – Snitch

TMDB – Snitch

Rotten Tomatoes – Snitch