(2013) ★★★

Film4: PREMIERE Wednesday 26 August, 11.05pm

Epy Kusnandar as crazy cult leader in another shaky-cam horror anthology that’s even freakier and funkier than the first. But maybe not quite so creepy-crawly frightening. Ghosts, zombies, creeps and demons feature in the four stories, of which Safe Haven, co-directed by The Raid’s Gareth Evans, is the clear standout – Paradise Gates is a spectacular spy-cam slaughterhouse. The zombie sequence is funny without being stupid about it, and kind of poignant. The climax is fun too, with the noisiest alien home invasion this side of The X-Files. Like video snoop Kelsy Abbott says: “I just watched something really weird – it can’t have been real.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 92min

IMDB – V/H/S/2

TMDB – V/H/S/2

Rotten Tomatoes – V/H/S/2