The Descendants


(2011) ★★

More4: Thursday 27 August, 9.00pm

With his wife in a coma, cautious Hawaii attorney George Clooney is off the bench as the ‘back-up’ parent, dealing with two unaffectionate daughters he knows little about. One of them’s Shailene Woodley, who’d go on to show her Divergency if not much diversity. Anyway, it’s now that Clooney learns his wife was having an affair at the time of her boating accident. Pitched midway between the bitchiness of Intolerable Cruelty and the pathos of a Serious Man, it’s like a Coen brothers movie they wouldn’t have bothered making – An Intolerable Man, perhaps? Not really. It’s too vapid to provoke such a response. Ultimately, it wants to be a heart-tugger, a kind of Terms of Estrangement played out to ukelele folk songs. But few of its grace notes are earned, the finale least of all. Hawaii looks good, though. Doesn’t it always?

Certificate: 15
Duration: 115min

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