Usain Bolt was celebrating his 200m triumph at the Athletics World Championships in Beijing on Thursday before something rather unexpected happened. As he waved to the crowds in celebration, a segway rider completely lost control of the moving vehicle and scrubbed the Jamaican sprinter off his feet. Yeah, probably not the best idea to clatter into the world’s fastest man after some gruelling competition. Our sources tell us that the segway was being secretly controlled

The shocking – and, let’s face it, hilarious – moment occurred after Bolt had just won the 200m at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, when a photographer suddenly careered into the back of Bolt’s legs.

The poor bloke must have been bricking it as he wondered whether he had just broken the legs of the fastest man on the planet. It was as if Justin Gatlin had put a curse on the Segway…or secretly controlling it.

Thankfully, Bolt quickly got up and seemed to see the funny side of it, and was back posing for selfies as if nothing had happened. This is what happens when you attempt to hold a massive camera while riding a Segway. How about just walk next time?