The Bourne Ultimatum


(2007) ★★★★

ITV1: Saturday 29 August, 10.45pm

Picking up precisely where we left him in The Bourne Supremacy, Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne, the ex-CIA puppet who’s pulling the strings and leaving the office desk jockeys in a sweat as they monitor his relentless progression across Europe. David Strathairn wants Bourne dead. Joan Allen wants him alive. Like all secret-keeping spies, none of them knows their assets from their enemies. London journalist Paddy Considine tries to connect the dots when he learns of the CIA’s classified Blackbriar black-ops programme, so secret that even Bourne’s not heard of that one. (It’s actually a cosmetic re-branding of project Treadstone to cover up the CIA’s dirty little secret – these guys couldn’t play on the level on a billiards table.) But it could provide the final piece of the broken jigsaw puzzle. And Bourne has to know who started all this. Adding stunt bike riding to an already impressive resumé, Jason also enjoys a spot of extreme bumper cars in a multi-storey parking lot. Constantly moving forward – propelled by John Powell’s pounding music and Bourne’s adopted theme song, Extreme Ways by Moby – this ultimate Bourne breaks down to two hide-and-seek chases in London and Tangier, with a few hide-and-seek chases in between. From the station concourse at Waterloo to a crowded Moroccan market, from Moscow railing sidings to Madrid’s streets at night, Damon hopscotches his way to the truth, evading grab teams and assassins in a dynamic, dazzlingly edited thriller that consistently shows why Bourne is superior to Bond: these global spy games seem to be taking place in the real world, not in exotic travel brochures. And, for all the scene-switching, it’s a tightly contained story. It just goes from J to B, cutting to the chase all the way.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 115min

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