17 Again


(2009) ★★★

Film4: Monday 31 August, 4.20pm

Matthew Perry has lived to regret that time at highschool in 1989, when he looked like Zac Efron and he blew off college basketball to marry his pregnant girlfriend. Boy, he’d love to go back and try that again. Hey, this is Hollywood – it’ll happen.

And we get to see how teenage Zac deals with being in Matt’s grown-up world. Which is confusing for Matt’s wife Leslie Mann, as you can imagine. And his two teenage kids. This ‘Big’ riff on creepily mixed-up Back to the Future themes (bemused mom’s attracted to a teenage boy who’s busy looking out for his own kids at school) is a lot of fun, thanks to confident playing and a funny script that’s far from dumb.

Scene-stealing Thomas Lennon is good value as Matt’s best friend, a wealthy techno-geek pretending to be Zac’s dad while intently pursuing stuck-up principal Melora Hardin. And after those three High School Musicals, it’s no surprise Zac seems so at home. This time round he seems grateful for dialogue worth saying out loud.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 102min

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