(2007) ★★★★

Sky Movies Disney: Monday 31 August, 2.20pm

In Andalasia’s fair fairytale land, Amy Adams talks to the cutest woodland animals imaginable – chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, fawns and bluebirds. Basically, the cast of Bambi. Amy’s dreaming of a true-love kiss with prince James Marsden, an event his evil stepmother Susan Sarandon will do everything to prevent. The prince is out catching trolls, his heart set on finding the girl with the trilling voice: “Fear not, fair maiden!” and happy ever afterings. But the wicked witch comes up with cruellest punishment of all – despatching Amy to the real world. New York City. At night. In the pouring rain. Politely, she asks passers-by in Times Square for directions to the castle. Bewildered divorce lawyer Patrick Dempsey, an abandoned dad with a young daughter and a pushy fiancée, reluctantly comes to Amy’s assistance in a bewitching Disney comedy – part cartoon, part live-action, and all fantastic fun – that delightfully lives up to its title. “This is a magical room!” says the adorable Miss Adams, completely smitten with Stewart’s bathroom. “Where does the water come from?” The only catcalls will be for Timothy Spall’s panto villain as Central Park is transformed into a fairyland theme park with calypso music and balloons. And outright boos will accompany the wicked Sarandon, infuriated by Spall’s incompetence: “You think poisoned apples grow on trees?” The high spot in a consistently entertaining film is the Happy Working Song, when Amy tidies up Dempsey’s apartment with the help of her new city friends: rats, pigeons, cockroaches… It’s quite a sight.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 107min

IMDB – Enchanted

TMDB – Enchanted

Rotten Tomatoes – Enchanted

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