Let The Right One In


(2008) ★★★★

Film4: Tuesday 1 September, 11.30pm

Bullied blond schoolboy Kare Hedebrant is stabbing a tree outside his dingy apartment block when he’s approached by Lina Leandersson, barefoot in the snow. She’s 12, too. She has been for a very long time. “I can’t be your friend,” she says to the puzzled boy. “Just so you know.” Kare’s new neighbour is a vampire.

Faithfully reproducing the novel’s baleful early 80s setting, this dark, forbidding Swedish horror film is far stranger than the anaemic romance of the Twilight sagas. The first attack in the underpass is shown in a static longshot – it’s the sudden jolting music that makes it scary.

In fact, all of it’s quite artily shot (though not oppressively so), which suits the wintry rhythm of the story. It also lends the film a dreamy quality that’s genuinely haunting and, overall, in tone it’s strongly reminiscent of George Romero’s modern vampire classic Martin.

Praise doesn’t come much higher in my neck of the woods. Hollywood’s quickfire remake, Let Me In (with the Cloverfield guy in charge), wasn’t scary for all the wrong reasons. Just some of them.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 107min

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