(2011) ★★★

Channel 4: Saturday 5 September, 10pm

Superman-in-waiting Henry Cavill as peasant warrior Theseus, chosen by Zeus to stand against Mickey Rourke’s brutal king Hyperion, laying waste to Ancient Greece in pursuit of the Epirus bow. John Hurt sets the scene in such gravelly tones, you kind of believe him. What cannot be denied is the livid authority of Tarsem Singh’s imagery. Ever bashful, the director described his film as being ‘done in Renaissance painting style –Caravaggio meets Fight Club’. Finally, he’s made another film that’s as insane as The Cell.

Prey to serious overkill, this isn’t a re-run of 300, it’s the real clash of the Titans. Whereas the likes of 300: Rise of an Empire (Sky Movies Action/Adventure at 10.35pm) and Wrath of the Titans look like digital doodlings, Singh’s film has the impact of a vivid dream. One full of more collapsing idols and graven images than any Cecil B. DeMille movie. Not all the acting is up to the level of Hurt and Rourke, who is not nice at all, even when addressing virgin oracles: “You will experience discomfort unique to your gender.” You don’t want to be a messenger around him, either.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 111min

IMDB – Immortals

TMDB – Immortals

Rotten Tomatoes – Immortals