Kevin & Perry Go Large


(2000) ★★

Comedy Central: Saturday 5 September, 10pm

Suburban teenagers are determined to lose their virginity on holiday. Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke give Ibiza a bad name in shamelessly coarse sitcom that paved the way for Catherine Tate, The Inbetweeners, and The Bad Education Movie. The two leads fit their roles like condoms – hardly surprising since they’ve been well developed for years on TV – and Enfield must have been a teenager once because he certainly understands the subject.

Even so, the amazing Kathy Burke gives the strangest performance by a woman since Linda Hunt’s appearance as a man in The Year of Living Dangerously. James Fleet and Louisa Rix are Kevin’s parents, the legendary Mr and Mrs Patterson, and its perhaps they who are subjected to the film’s grossest humiliation. I say perhaps because there’s plenty to choose from: Kevin and Perry being smothered in puke at Amnesia, Perry disgracing himself with a ‘floater’ in the sea, their targeted girlfriends exploding spots in the mirror.

You want coarse, Kevin and Perry will oblige in buckets-full. But there’s poignancy, too, of a sort: Kevin reacts to embarrassment at a shopping mall by turning impossibly red and exiting with dignity to the strains of Barber’s Adagio for Strings. A musical gag in an Ibiza comedy? Whatever next?

Certificate: 15

Duration: 81min

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