My Best Friend’s Wedding


(1997) ★★★★

Sky Movies Drama: Sunday 6 September, 10.10am and 6.05pm

Introduced to Dermot Mulroney’s imminent bride-to-be, jealous Julia Roberts sets about winning back the affection of her childhood sweetheart. This is hard work – not only does it involve panic-stricken plotting and outrageous deception, but Mulroney’s fiancée is Cameron Diaz – young, pretty, wealthy and likeable. Roberts is really funny as the confidante craving the love of her lovestruck friend.

Clinging to the mad rationale of someone in the grip of an obsession, Roberts is oddly sympathetic as her sneaky schemes blow up in her face. Muriel’s Wedding director P.J. Hogan is adept at wringing every last ounce of embarrassment out of her cringe-making predicament and Rupert Everett filches every scene he’s in as Julia’s openly camp editor. His reward? The lead opposite Madonna in The Next Best Thing, which flopped so badly it turned out to be the very worst thing for Everett’s brief Hollywood star career.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 101min

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