(2013) ★★½

Film4: PREMIERE Monday 7 September, 9pm

London art auctioneer James McAvoy has forgotten where he’s hidden a stolen painting. Criminal Vincent Cassel sends him to Harley Street hypnotherapist Rosario Dawson. Danny Boyle’s false-memory amnesia thriller dives headlong into a shallow grave. Coming on like a panic attack, this con job is less likeable than The Thomas Crown Affair (either version) and Boyle uses all the tics, tilts and tricks of his trade to deflect from a plot that’s increasingly preposterous (it’s an unacknowledged remake of an old TV movie).

Otto Preminger pulled off this kind of slick sleight in Whirlpool over 50 years ago, but Boyle resorts to surface distractions as pushy and aggressive as Rick Smith’s music. Not for the first time, James McAvoy plays a smirking jerk. In fact, all the greedy and desperate characters evaporate before your eyes. As for Rosario Dawson, she may be no one’s idea of a Harley Street hypnotherapist. But she’s a work of art, that’s plain to see.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 102min

IMDB – Trance

TMDB – Trance

Rotten Tomatoes – Trance

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