Stand Up Guys


(2012) ★★

Film4: PREMIERE Thursday 10 September, 9pm

Up for parole after a 28-year stretch, Al Pacino is taken for a night on the town in a stolen sports car by con man crony Christopher Walken. Pumped-up old men anecdote, powerfully cast – Alan Arkin’s in on the joke, too, although all-too briefly. But it’s woefully undercooked. The predictably sentimental subplots are an added deal-breaker in a mild diversion that circles the block so many times it could almost qualify as a stage play. It’s at its weakest when coming on like a geriatric Swingers: Pacino quoting Roddy Piper from John Carpenter’s They Live? Fugedda-bout-it.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 95min

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