Year of the Dragon


(1985) ★★★

ITV4: Thursday 10 September, 11.15pm

Mickey Rourke as volatile cop, a Vietnam veteran, throwing his weight around in New York’s Chinatown. Memorably nasty thriller scripted in florid fashion by Oliver Stone, directed in some style by Michael Cimino.

It was the director’s first movie after the folly of Heaven’s Gate and, understandably wary of Cimino’s profligate filming style, producer Dino De Laurentiis insisted on using elaborate studio sets rather than spend too much time on location. A decision that adds to the provocative film’s grand design (there’s a memorable machine-gun massacre in a fancy Triad establishment).

Unfortunately, even with his hair dusted white, Rourke is ten years too young and 20lbs too light for the role. But he’s a convincing bigot, laying down instructions about the Chinese gangs: “I don’t want to see them unless they’re bringing me spare ribs in a restaurant.”

Certificate: 18
Duration: 129min

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