Rabbit Hole


(2010) ★★

BBC2: Friday 11 September, 11.05pm

Eight months after the death of their young son, middle-class New York couple Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are coping the best they can. He finds comfort in work and familiar surroundings, she feels only pain (which could well be related to her weirdly Botoxed lips).

Suffocatingly tasteful, neat-and-tidy acting-class stuff from a prize-winning stage play (which doesn’t shy away from eye-rolling metaphors – well, look at that title for starters).The plaintive music tugs and plucks away, at heartstrings hopefully, and the closing sequence is a weak-tea variation on the Coen brothers’ rousing conclusion to Raising Arizona, already copied more forcefully by Spike Lee in 25th Hour.

It seems a whole world longer than its allotted 90 minutes, and will likely only be recalled in the future as a reference point for Miles Teller, who went on to The Spectacular Now and Whiplash.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 92min

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