Flowers in the Attic


(2014) ★½

Lifetime: Saturday 12 September, 7pm

After her travelling salesman husband dies, Heather Graham makes the disastrous decision to take her four children into Foxworth Hall, the Virginia home of her estranged mother, Ellen Burstyn. She’s cruel. And her daughter’s crazy. Teenagers Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka (Don Draper’s daughter!) are confined to the attic with the five-year-old twins.

“Remember,” says grandma Burstyn, “God sees everything you do.” Apparently grandma is exempt from His gaze. Incest and insanity in a popular gothic soap of abuse that reaches unintentionally comic levels of incredible catastrophe. Not everyone dies, so there was a sequel: Petals on the Wind. And the answer was blowing in it.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 86min

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