Kill Bill: Vol 2


(2004) ★★

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Uma Thurman returns to finish the job as The Bride, wronged on her wedding day by David Carradine’s evil Bill. Fuelled by flashbacks and reams of Quentin Tarantino’s borrowed wit, Uma’s vengeance trail meanders all over the shop before coming to a dead end. Seems all the action was crammed into Vol 1. Vol 2 is far too unwieldy to command attention for two hours and more.

Daft as it was, Vol 1 had genuine zip and zap to spare. Vol 2 sees Tarantino in snooze mode, carried away by his facility for slangy dialogue and emptily slick visuals cribbed from Asian movies and the complete works of Sergio Leone. Tarantino may imagine he’s paying tribute to Leone, yet he’s far closer in style and tone to the cartoon excesses of Dario Argento.

He’s got a head full of dumb ideas and his nose buried in comic books and Eurotrash. Never his own harshest critic, Quentin proclaimed: “This is the movie of my movie-geek dreams!” On the QT? He’s never going to grow up, is he?

Certificate: 18

Duration: 131min

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