(1979) ★★★★

ITV4: Sunday 13 September, 11pm

Pete Townsend’s ambitious, unwieldy rock opera vividly brought to the screen in a ragged-round-the-edges fashion that cuts through any pomp like a Lambretta in a seaside parade. Phil Daniels attains Begbie-levels of intensity as the disaffected Londoner Jimmy, an inarticulate pill-popping Mod mixing it with Rockers on Brighton beach in the 1960s (more sordid than swinging according to this bleak and bleary cocktail of sex and drugs and rock’n’roll).

Ray Winstone’s gentle biker Kenny is the most sympathetic character, recognising that ‘we’re all the same under the skin’. “That’s the point,” says Jimmy, missing the point. “I wanna be different.” Which is why he’s surrounded by a mob of like-minded goons, I guess. T-t-talkin’ ’bout m-m-my generation. What lends the scenes between Jimmy and Kenny such bitter poignancy is that Winstone was Daniels’ nemesis in Scum.

Director Franc Roddam went to Hollywood, and it was his ruination. He hasn’t made a feature since Lords of Discipline (1983) and K2 in the early 90s.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 120min

IMDB – Quadrophenia

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