Film 4, 9.00pm

Tom Hardy stars in Nicolas Winding Refn’s disturbing, stylised biopic, which recounts the ignoble, incarcerated life of the man who has been dubbed Britain’s longest-serving and most violent prisoner: Charles Bronson. Though from a good background, Michael Peterson quickly developed a gourmand’s taste for violence and illegality. He changed his name to Charles Bronson at the behest of a bare-knuckle boxing promoter, and was imprisoned for seven years in 1974 for his part in an armed robbery. Since then he’s had a total of four months of liberty; the rest of his time has been behind bars, mostly in solitary confinement; ever-extending his sentence through persistent brutal attacks on prison guards, hostage-taking, and attempts to kill and maim. Hardy’s central performance is a tour de force, a frighteningly convincing portrayal of a sociopath, whose long, long time spent inside has given him monumental self-regard, and a warped philosophy that he’s only too happy to share in a jovial manner that sits uncomfortably with his vicious behaviour.Nicolas Winding Refn’s drama is scheduled to tie in with the release of Legend, in which Tom Hardy plays both Kray twins in a dual leading role.

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