Ghost Ship


(2002) ★★★

TCM: Wednesday 16 September, 11.15pm

Salvage tugboat skipper Gabriel Byrne takes the bait when Desmond Harrington shows him aerial photographs of an apparently abandoned cruise liner in the Bering Straits. Byrne’s crew are keen to apply the laws of international waters – finders keepers. But what they find is ghostly young Emily Browning.aboard a modern-day Marie Celeste – very-heavy-metal class.

Gravely diverting horror in a gruesome slice of Grand Guignol from Thir13en Ghosts director Steve Beck, who began his film career working on the visual effects for the big-budget submarine adventures The Abyss and The Hunt for Red October. The crew here, eyes wide with greed, are suckered aboard in the same way the audience is lulled by an opulently old-fashioned opening sequence: seductive singer Francesca Rettondini croons to party-mood passengers on the ship’s foredeck, which is about to be suddenly and shockingly awash with blood.

It’s a classic, Cube-style jolt. And it certainly concentrates the mind for the frightening fun and games to follow in a floating haunted-house shocker with impressive production design and bags of clammy atmosphere.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 91min

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