Battle Los Angeles


(2011) ★★½

Channel 4: Saturday 19 September, 11.05pm

An alien invasion targets major cities across the globe. Jut-jawed Marine staff sergeant Aaron Eckhart leads his platoon in the Full Metal Jacket edition of Skyline, filmed with an immersive urgency reminiscent of Black Hawk Down. Unlike Starship Troopers, say, there is no layered meaning to the mayhem.

In fact, its message couldn’t be clearer (or louder): Don’t mess with the US Marine Corps, wherever the hell you’re from. “Let’s get us home,” says Eckhart to his bedraggled group of survivors. Even if home is Los Angeles and it’s been razed to the ground in a firestorm of Biblical proportions. Brian Tyler’s crashing score has enough ballast for three Michael Bay movies but, if you’re in the mood for alien combat action, this gets the job done. Semper fi!

Certificate: 12

Duration: 112min

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