Left Behind



Five: PREMIERE Saturday 19 September, 6.55pm

After a Whoops Apocalypse event, airline pilot Nicolas Cage wrestles with the controls and with his conscience (he’s been thinking about an extra-marital fling with pretty blonde flight attendant Nicky Whelan). Now half of the plane’s passengers are whisked away midway over the Atlantic. Cage’s daughter Cassi Thomson witnesses the (curiously unnamed) Rapture at ground level. “Either I’m going crazy or the entire world is insane!” says Cage, with evident sincerity.

He must get that feeling a lot, the scripts he’s sent. And he’s flirted once before with this Revelation theme, in Alex Prohas’ Knowing. Staged with the plastic proficiency of a glossy television ad for a product you wouldn’t want to buy, Left Behind bears no comparison with the flawed but ambitious Knowing. And trailing in the wake of HBO’s Leftovers and the Christian horror flick The Remaining, this fundamentalist fantasy looks even sillier.

Warranting only a PG-13 rating in the US, it’s a Syfy-level flick that’s actually a remake of the 2000 Canadian movie of the same name, adapted from a bestselling series co-authored by a pastor. Here’s the scary thing: that film was the first part of a trilogy. Be careful what you pray for. Which goes for Englishman Vic Armstrong, too. The stunt coordinator and 2nd unit veteran is here directing only his second feature film in 21 years. The airline, by the way, is called PCA. With this crazy script, it should’ve been called PCP. The disappeared, after all, are angel dust.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 110min

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