(2007) ★★★★

BBC1: Saturday 19 September, 11.55pm

The dingy Outback bar is quite the museum, plastered with ghoulish newspaper stories of killer crocodile attacks. “You’ll be alright so long as you don’t go in the water,” says boat trip guide Radha Mitchell. Chicago travel writer Michael Vartan and the other wary tourists look uncomfortable in the glaring heat. And the Northern Territory is a scary place, even for water buffalo.

Stranded on a mudpile in a tidal river, this disparate group will face the fury of a rogue croc – a living dinosaur that’s basically a steam train with teeth. Not as snappy as Primeval, perhaps, but Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek follow-up is a tense suspense exercise stunningly shot amid rock faces and water gorges. The landscape breathes.

And the crocodiles jump, propelled by their tails. There’s no dreaded CGI, either – the convincing croc attacks are animatronic. Incidentally, charisma-free Sam Worthington has a pivotal role as a loutish local. There’s little here to suggest he’d be capable of landing major roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Terminator Salvation and Avatar. But he did.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 95min

IMDB – Rogue

TMDB – Rogue

Rotten Tomatoes – Rogue