The Perfect Storm


(2000) ★★★

TCM: Saturday 19 September, 9pm

Late in the season, fisherman George Clooney takes a swordfish trawler out into the Atlantic where the six-man crew faces the worst recorded storm in history. The real-life fate of the doomed Andrea Gail, a fishing boat out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, as imagined by Das Boot director Wolfgang Petersen.

The scenes at sea are thrillingly staged, battering the audience into submission as rescue attempts are thwarted by the sheer freakish force of Nature’s harshest face. The scenes on shore are on rockier ground, with poor Diane Lane given all the dodgy “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” dialogue.

Scaling back on his predilection for Titanic-scale cliché, composer James Horner contributed one of his more quietly moving scores and the film, overall, is a decent tribute to lives lost at sea.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 124min

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