Kiss the Girls


(1997) ★★★

Sky Movies Crime & Thriller: Monday 21 September, 11pm

Morgan Freeman as Washington police psychologist Alex Cross, offering his services to North Carolina cops searching for a serial killer – his niece has been reported missing in the area. The FBI is interested too because someone is using a similar method on the West Coast. What Freeman discovers beggars belief: “A bicoastal killer who’s Casanova in the east and Josef Mengele in the west.”

A convoluted and increasingly unlikely tale (from one of James Patterson’s books) is lent enormous dignity by Freeman’s authoritative presence and director Gary Fleder – following on from his quietly impressive debut Things To Do in Denver When You’re Dead – treats extremely unpleasant material with unforced humour and style.

The same year, Freeman played the bad guy in Hard Rain (BBC1 Wednesday, 11.35pm), a diverting action thriller of modest ambition, its sodden set-pieces strikingly staged. In 1998, Freeman would run the White House in Deep Impact and by 2003’s Bruce Almighty he was God.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 116min

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