Scream 2


(1997) ★★★½

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RIP Wes Craven. The writer-director died 30th August, age 76, of brain cancer. Noted for two masterpieces of the genre, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, Craven once said he didn’t make horror films. He just made films. But really, most of them could be classed as horror, or at the very least horrific. The only exceptions were the thriller Red Eye, a Paris je t’aime segment, and a 1999 Meryl Streep movie, Music of the Heart.

Which would probably qualify as the least likely Craven project if, in between the 1985 TV movie Chiller and 1986’s Deadly Friend, he hadn’t directed an episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. Scream 4 was his final film, a postscript to the trilogy that now serves as a fitting legacy. The first film was a super-smart horror comedy. The second opens in high style. At a preview of Stab, a film about the Woodsboro killings, two students are knifed by a copycat screaming ghost mask murderer.

Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox sift through the suspects in an entertaining sequel to its sophisticated precursor. But nothing much else matches the bravura staging of the cinema screening prologue where scenes from Scream are re-enacted by a ‘lookalike’ cast as the preview audience jump and sway in their seats. For all the expertise on show and explicit acknowledgement of Scream 2’s sequel status, it is simply a sequel – so the killer is easier to spot and the wrap-up is uncomfortably contrived. When all the screaming’s done, it’s the same gag.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 115min

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