EastEnders: Lucy Beale’s murder trial takes a shocking twist


This week in Albert Square, Lucy Beale’s murder case continued and Jane cracked under the pressure. Alyson gets you up to speed with all the latest.


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv with all the gossip from Albert Square.

Lucy Beale’s murder case continued this week as things took yet another twist! Things got pretty intense when Marcus started dragging Abi’s name into the case. I mean come on, surely they can’t fool the jury for much longer?! Although this is Soapland and anything is possible!

Jane finally cracked under the pressure. She wrote a letter addressed to Ian before heading off to court to testify. When she revealed her shock revelation about her version of events, the whole courthouse were left aghast. Although let’s just say, we aren’t entirely sure who she’s trying to fool. Changing your story now?! Hmmm, if the jury don’t notice there’s something fishy going on then there’s something seriously wrong!

Meanwhile, back on the Square it was a real blast from the past when Robbie Jackson returned. In light of recent resurrections from the dead, we sort of hoped that Wellard would have come along too although sadly we think that might have been asking for too much. His homecoming didn’t exactly go to plan when Carol found out about him nicking money out of Sonia’s purse. After finding out about his money problems it wasn’t long before Carol told him where to go. Ouch!

Finally, it looks like Vincent and Ronnie are back on. But with those two who knows?! Join me next week for all the gossip!