Hollyoaks: Harry and Ste experience trouble in paradise


This week in Chester, Harry and Ste were at it again. Meanwhile, Pete had his wicked way with Cleo. Elsewhere, Reenie revealed her dark secret and Derek met his maker!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv with all the latest from Hollyoaks.

Well let’s just say Harry and Ste didn’t start off the week on the best of terms. To be fair to Harry, Ste was being a bit harsh on him…it takes two to tango after all!!

In other news, Pete’s still trying to have his cake and eat it but it’s surely only a matter of time before the truth comes out. All I’m saying is I’d hate to be Pete when it does! We all know Reenie isn’t one to let people off lightly!

Speaking of Reenie, she ruined Nana and Derek’s romantic moment. The couple were dancing to their favourite record when Reenie stormed in and told her mum her dark secret. Derek raped her and he’s actually Porsche’s dad. Talk about dropping a bombshell! Soon Derek was collapsed in a heap on the floor gasping for air as Nana and Reenie looked on. And that was the end of him…

Pete didn’t get his wicked way with Cleo at first this week and in retaliation he deleted the essay that she’d been working on. Come on, what age are you?! Of course, he used this opportunity to make himself look like the hero in the end and it wasn’t long before they were lying semi-clothed on the classroom floor…

Finally, plans began to take shape for Hollyoaks Gay Pride. Let’s face it, Tony only got on board with the idea when he realised just how much dosh he could make out of the ‘Pink Pound’.

Tune in next week when Tony has a big decision to make!